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Delta Flight 191: Plane crash survivor speaks 32 years later

August 18, 2017 Posted in: News

DALLAS - For 30 years, Richard Laver, 44, avoided Dallas. "It was the one place in the world that I would never come," Laver said.
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Mama Disrupt Reviews Komplete

October 1, 2016 Posted in: News

Kate Farms: Komplete Meal Replacement Shakes

Mrs Burrows Reviews: Komplete Shakes

Meet Kate Farms – Komplete – the ready-to-go, whole food nutrition that takes care ...

2016 USA Beverage Champion

May 31, 2016 Posted in: News

Kate Farms, Inc. was selected as a winning product line in the retail/grocery category of “Vegan, Ready-To-Drink Meal Replacement Shakes.”

Their submissions in this product category: “Komplete Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee ...

Doctors couldn’t feed his sick daughter, so this dad started a formula business

October 24, 2015 Posted in: News

, The Daily Telegraph

After surviving the air crash that killed his father, Richard Laver spent ...

Kate's Story

October 2, 2015 Posted in: News

When Kate was born with cerebral palsy her parents vowed to make sure she lived a happy and full life. Four years on Richard and Michelle Laver were increasingly frustrated that no ...

New sustainable, non-GMO and healthy RTD launched

September 18, 2015 Posted in: News

Komplete by Kate Farms is an organic, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, hypoallergenic, vegan and plant protein shake designed for everyone including vegans; vegetarians, celiacs, those with dairy intolerance or people prone to food allergies.. <...

This Plane Crash Survivor Swore He’d Never Fly Again. Then His Daughter Gave Him a Reason To.

August 21, 2015 Posted in: News

On August 2nd, 1985, 12-year-old Richard Laver was on board Delta Flight 191. As it came in for landing at Dallas/Fort Worth International ...

Why You Don't Get To Choose Your Mission. It Chooses You.

August 21, 2015 Posted in: News

Mission is not a choice. It’s dictated by others’ needs. Sometimes those others give you a mission. Sometimes you have to figure it out yourself. Either way, it’s a journey of discovery, ...

The Best Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian Food Items, Tried and Tested!

June 21, 2015 Posted in: News

Years ago, being a vegetarian, vegan or any other speciality diet, was without a doubt a challenge. Finding food items, let alone great tasting ones, was often very hard. Particularly if you weren't in ...

The Little Girl Who Inspired her Parents to Shake the World

June 21, 2015 Posted in: News

Most people think of meal replacement drinks as tasteless chalky swill that either geriatrics patients or very sick people imbibe, but the Komlete line of shakes from Kate Farms were made to be delicious ...